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Skaters to Prague, Veteran's families to Northern Europe, Canadians to Japan... the list goes on. More and more people are discovering that it's less expensive than they think to plan a customized tour for their own private group. With a customized tour you can travel when you like, to where you want to go, and then stay at each destination on time schedule that you prefer. Best of all, each customized tour is tailored to your budget.

It may be just the 2 of you or a small group of 6 - 10 or a larger group of 20 - 200 If you are thinking of organizing a customized tour, give us a call. Our experienced travel advisors can help you plan an itinerary, choose and book suitable accommodations in your budget, and have you accompanied by one of our expert driver guides or tour managers. In our capable hands, we promise that your next custom tour will deliver only the very best of experiences.

Contact us now for advice on how you can enjoy the benefits of your own tour.