Terms and Conditions

Why should I read this?

Because it is important! Please read all of the information as it sets out the terms and conditions covering your travel arrangements for the 2024 and 2025 season.

Insurance: We strongly recommend that each traveler have health, accident, luggage and trip cancellation insurance. On the escorted tours it is a condition of travel that you have medical insurance and details must be provided at time of booking. DHTour cannot be held responsible for those not covered.

Pricing:  The pricing for the 2024/2025 season is subject to change. The price confirmed to you at time of booking include all taxes ( except European countries local city tax) and surcharges. All pricing is in Canadian dollars. Once your booking is confirmed and deposit or full payment is made, the tour price for you will not change. However, as virtually all of our products are purchased in British Pounds or Euros, we do reserve the right to change the prices should exchange rates between the Canadian dollar and those currencies fluctuate greatly. You will be advised before booking if any pricing has changed.

Any and all additional air or government related taxes or surcharges imposed before or at time of ticketing will also be added.

Payments: The preferred method of payment is by cheque. Credit cards will be accepted on the understanding that your authorization to use your credit card number for deposit or final payment indicates your compliance with these booking terms and conditions, whether or not you have actually signed the appropriate draft. Verbal authorization of your credit card confirms your booking.

 Payment Policy: Tour Packages

  Deposit Final payment due
Escorted Touring Holidays $300 per person (non-refundable) 60 Days prior
Blue Roads Tour only $200 per person/per tour  (non-refundable) 60 Days prior
Discovery and Walking Tours $400 per person/per tour  (non-refundable) 60 Days prior
Battlefield Tours $500 per person ($300 non-refundable) 90 Days prior
Sisley Garden Tours 10% of tour cost pp (non-refundable) 120 Days prior
Independent Travel Packages $300 per person (non-refundable) 60 Days prior
Off Season London Packages $300 per person (non-refundable) 60 Days prior

The initial deposit amount above per person is required at the time of booking.  Note: If you purchase travel insurance, your insurance premium needs to be paid to your travel agent or received by DHTour in addition to, and at time of, the initial deposit.

Final payment: The final payment “due-date” will be shown on your deposit invoice. If the reservation is made within 60 days, full payment is due immediately.

Cancellation Policy: Tour Packages
For cancellations received, in writing, the following penalties apply: ( number of days are ‘prior to departure’).

Cancellation 61 days prior to departure 60-31 days prior 30 days or less
Escorted Touring Holidays $300 per person deposit non-refundable 50% non-refundable 100% non-refundable
Blue Roads Tour only $300 per person deposit non-refundable 50% non -refundable 100% non-refundable
Discovery & Walking Tours $400 per person deposit non-refundable 50% non-refundable 100% non-refundable
Battlefield Tours $500 per person non-refundable 89-61 days prior 50% pp non-refundable 100% non-refundable
Sisley Garden Tours More than 120 days prior to departure – loss of deposit. Between 119 days and 60 days – loss of 50% of tour cost. 59 days and less – 100% non-refundable
Independent Travel Holidays $300 per person deposit non-refundable 50% pp non-refundable 100 % non-refundable
Off Season London Packages $300 per person deposit non-refundable  50% pp non-refundable 100 % non-refundable


Cancellation Deposit June 17th, 2024 to 60 days prior 59 days or less
South West Delights $1,000 per person deposit – after March 2nd, 2024 deposit is 100% non refundable. Package 50% non-refundable. 100% non-refundable

Payment Policy: London Product and Hotels

  Time of Booking Cancellation Policy
Hotel and City Break Packages Full payment 30 days prior *
Day Tours and Excursions Full payment 30 days prior*
London Travel Cards and Oyster Cards Full payment 100% non-refundable
London and Paris Attractions and Passes Full payment 100% non-refundable

Full payment is due at time of booking and is subject to the following refund conditions:

*Full payment Less a $100.00 per person handling fee, is refundable 30 days prior to departure. 100% non refundable if cancelled within 30 days prior to first night’s booking or tour date. Some hotel bookings and day tours (Warner Bros Studio and Downton Abbey tours) are non-refundable from time of booking. This will be indicated on your invoice.

Airline, Eurostar and train tickets: To ensure the air or train tickets of your choice e.g. World Traveller Plus or seat-sale pricing, it will sometimes be necessary to pay for and issue the airline or rail tickets more than 70 days prior to departure. Once you have agreed to this and the tickets are issued they are subject to the various airline’s cancellation policies. This usually means they are 100% non-refundable or subject to change fees. All Eurostar, train tickets and rail passes are 100% non-refundable.

Cruises: The cruise portions of all cruise packages are subject to the terms and conditions of the cruise companies. These are available on request and will be given to every client at time of booking.

Refunds: No refund/credit will be given for unused portions of any tour or package (accommodation, airfare, entrances, meal plans, vouchers, etc.) Insurance premiums are non-refundable.

Special Requests: If you have special requests, e.g. seating, meals, non-smoking rooms etc. please ensure you advise us at time of booking. We will pass on all requests to our suppliers but cannot guarantee they will be met.

Travel Documents: Canadian and US citizens require a valid passport for travel to Europe and most countries require a passport to be valid for at least 6 months beyond the length of your stay. Non Canadian or American citizens should consult their consulate for the required documents. Additional visas may be required in some countries. It is the passengers responsibility to have the correct documentation with them at all times.

Living Standards: Please note that living standards and practices, as well as conditions and standards with respect to the provision of utilities, sanitary services and the grading of accommodation that differ with North American standards, may be encountered during your travel for which DHTour can not be held responsible.

Hotels: Accommodations in the UK & Europe vary and our range of hotels includes everything from 5-star to homely, family run hotels.

Rooms: Please specify if you prefer a double or twin beds. Most rooms are doubles and twins may be on request. Single rooms are in short supply and early booking is advised. All rooms have private facilities which will be either bath & WC or shower & WC. We will try to meet your request but cannot guarantee your preference will be met.

Luggage: We ask that those of you on the motorcoach tours limit your luggage to one suitcase plus a carry on. Please be sure that you are aware of current airport and airline weight and carry-on restrictions.

Wheelchairs: We are able to carry your folding wheel chair in the luggage compartment but not battery powered wheelchairs. Please advise DHTour if you intend to bring one. If you are disabled in any way please ask our staff about the suitability of any particular tour or hotel.

Changes: Changes to a confirmed reservation will incur a handling fee of $50.00 per file. For any flight changes or flight cancellations that are requested, the airline’s policy on change fees or cancellation charges will apply.

Coach tours: Depending on circumstances it may sometimes be necessary for DHTour, or it’s suppliers, to substitute alternative hotels, or motorcoaches or to change the order and content of the itinerary. DHTour reserves the right without notice to withdraw any part or all of the tour. Factors such as airline schedule changes, hotel over-bookings, adverse or dangerous weather, etc. may necessitate such changes in the itinerary. There also maybe other circumstances in which changes become necessary or advisable. Transportation hotel, and other travel services are provided to tour members subject to all the terms and conditions under which they are offered to the public generally.

Responsibility: DHTour purchases transportation, hotel accommodation, tour and ferry passage, restaurant and other services from various different suppliers who are not affiliated with DHTour in any way. All vouchers, coupons or receipts issued by DHTour are issued subject to all tariffs, terms and conditions under which all transportation, including airlines, coach, hotels, tour and ferry operators, restaurants and other service are contracted. Airline clause: The passenger tickets in use by the airline, when issued, shall constitute the sole contract between the airline and the passenger.

Participants agree not to hold DHTour responsible for any loss, injury or damage to any person, property or otherwise in connection with any accommodation, transportation or resulting from any Acts of God, dangers, incident at sea, fire, breakdowns in machinery or equipment, act of governments, or authorities, de jure or de facto, wars declared or not, hostilities, civil disturbances, strikes, riots, thefts, pilferage, epidemics, quarantines, medical or customs regulations, defaults, delays, cancellations or any causes beyond DHTour control, for any loss or damage resulting from improperly issued visas or other documents, and that DHTour or its staff will not be responsible for any additional expenses or liability sustained for or incurred by the tour participant as a result of any of the forgoing clauses.

End of the small print, Enjoy your holiday!


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